“Party Animal” Bridesmaid Blamed for Ruining Wedding

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A party animal bridesmaid has been blamed for spoiling a wedding, but everything is not what it seems!

Bridesmaids are very important to a bride during a wedding, helping her prepare for the big day. Women usually become extremely close to their bridesmaids as they value their contribution.

However, one bridesmaid was put in her friend’s bad books when she upstaged her on her wedding day.

The bride in question asked three of her friends to be bridesmaids two years before her wedding and it mostly went well. For example, she says two of the friends were amazing. However, she was not happy with the third.

This bridesmaid is described as a “party animal”. So, when the girls gathered for the traditional morning celebration before the wedding, everyone was shocked when the party animal turned down alcohol.

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What Was Wrong with the Party Animal Bridesmaid?

It turns out the bridesmaid was in fact pregnant.

The bride said: “Of course I was happy for her but obviously the focus was then on Laura and her pregnancy and not us getting ready for my wedding, something I had been planning for two years.”

While this may seem like a spoilt bride moaning, the situation got worse. In fact, the bride pushed aside the announcement and moved on with the day. However, during a photo session between the bride and bridesmaids, the day took a hilarious turn.

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Instead of holding the bouquet like she was meant to, the bridesmaid was cradling her stomach. Funnily, she was only 12 weeks pregnant, so her bump had not started to show. The bride says the photos look weird.

When it came to the speeches, the bridesmaid was scheduled to give a speech. In another hilarious twist, the woman did not talk about the bride and groom but instead announced her pregnancy.

She ended with: “And I’m so excited to announce that as Bride’s best friend, I’d like her to be an honorary aunt to my baby who is due summer 2020!”

The bride said: “I felt so upset on my wedding day and haven’t really spoke to Laura much since. She has since sent me a text saying I’m acting like a spoiled brat and the world doesn’t revolve around me.”

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Social Media Reaction

The anonymous woman posted on Reddit and asked people if she was a bad friend for complaining. Most replies had the same reaction as me. They thought at first it seemed the bride was blowing it out of proportion, but it quickly turned into a funny and awkward situation.

One user replied: “At first it seemed innocuous enough because you asked about her not drinking, but she spent the rest of the day deliberately drawing attention to her pregnancy and that’s rude af. You have every right to be upset.”

Written by: Luke Jones

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