Naughty Passenger Plays PS4 On Airport Monitor

by Luke Jones on

Travelers preparing for their flights were stunned as one naughty passenger plays PS4 in the middle of departures.

The clever man found a way to pass the boring hours in the airport by connecting his PlayStation 4 to one of the airport monitors.

At Portland International Airport, the man unplugged one of the advertising monitors by the departure boards and got down to some serious gameplay.

Naughty Passenger Plays PS4


Naughty Passenger Plays PS4

According to witnesses, the anonymous man was playing Apex Legends, a popular Battle Royale title that rivals Fortnite.

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Reported by KXL News, the man props himself on a stool and enjoys his gaming sessions. Apex Legend needs an online connection to play, so the clever man connected to the free airport Wi-Fi.

Port of Portland spokesperson Kama Simonds said during the sessions the man was asked to stop. While he was not doing anything illegal, he was preventing passengers from seeing “that we are putting on the screens”.

Amazingly, the man asked if he was able to finish his game. Unfortunately for him, airport security said no. It is worth noting the airport staff said the man was “very polite” throughout the exchange.

In the near future, the man won’t have to worry because Apex Legends will soon land on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Faking an Injury to Get an Upgrade

This week we reported on a man who faked an injury so he could get upgraded to a business class seat on a flight. Jamie Zhu, a popular influencer from Australia, pulled the stunt when travelling out of Sydney with Cathay Pacific.

In the video, Zhu suggests he can get an upgrade by putting on a “moon boot” that is typically used for a broken ankle. By pretending to not fit in his booked economy seat, Zhu asks if he can have another seat.

When the video cuts and comes back, the influencer is in his business class seat where slept 8 hours.

What do you think of these airport story as the naughty passenger plays PS4 in the departures lounge?

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