Pet Face Cookie Cutters Let You Eat Your Dog’s Face

by Luke Jones on

You probably love your pet like part of your family, so why not fully embrace it with these Pet Face Cookie Cutters?

One company that manufacturer cookie cutters has a new service where customers can create snacks that look exactly like their cat or dog. While you may think the likeness would be average, the cookies are actually super accurate.

Baker’s Street Cutters will also make cutters that resemble people. However, I prefer the pet cutters because they are cuter and less… well, creepy. That said, if you’ve ever wanted to bite off the head of your ex, these cutters could make it possible.

To create a custom cutter, just head to the website at the link above and choose “custom portrait” or “customer pet portrait” to get started. Next you just need to upload an image and voila.

How Do Pet Face Cookie Cutters Look?

You’re probably wondering how the cookies will look after. Well, Baker’s Street Cutters will send you a preview to make sure you like the design.

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According to a report by UniLad, the cookie cutters cost around $25.

I am impressed with how accurate the designs are. For example, you can see in the images how much the cookies resemble pets.


Happy Customers

People online are commenting on how amazing the cutters are. One review said: “This looks SO perfectly like my boyfriend.

“It’s a gorgeous product and the results are so personal. My only caution is that it can be time consuming to cut out each cookie, the sugar cookie recipe I used seems to be too sticky, so it often got stuck, particularly in the smaller portions such as the nose and mouth.

“Totally workable with the use of a toothpick, and the results are worth it!”

Here’s a great idea. If you have a pet, you could use the cutters to bake them a special animal treat that looks just like them.

What do you think of the pet face cookie cutters? Drop us a comment below to let us know if you could eat a cookie that looks like your cat or dog.

Written by: Luke Jones

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