Plane Passenger Faked Injury for Business Class Seat

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One clever traveler has won plaudits online for a tricky maneuver that got him a seat update. This plane passenger faked injury so he could get a bump to a business class seat.

Jamie Zhu, a popular influencer from Australia, pulled the stunt when travelling out of Sydney with Cathay Pacific.

You can check out the video below, which Jamie posted to his 1.1 million Instagram followers. He said he was facing a long flight to the United States and come up with an idea that he believed could work.

How Did the Plane Passenger Fake Injury?

On the Insta post, Jamie said his idea would potentially get him a bump to business class. Of course, everyone would like to get a better seat rather than economy on a flight. However, business class seats are expensive, and airlines rarely issue free upgrades to economy passenger.

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That’s not the case for Jamie as he almost certainly received a free upgrade. In the video, he explains his idea to put on a “moon boot” for broken ankles. He adds he thinks he can get an upgrade if the airline thinks he is injured.

When he heads to his economy seat, he shows the airline workers that his boot will not fit under the seat. Other passengers attempt to help him, while his friend films. Staff arrive on the scene and Jamie asks for another seat. However, he plays it cool and does not specifically request a business class berth.

A flight attendant then says: “I have to get clearance”.

Business Class

The video cuts and we next see Jamie relaxing in a business class seat, seemingly getting an upgrade. Amazingly, he says he got eight hours of sleep on the flight.

Plane Passenger Faked Injury


On his Instagram, people were torn on whether this was a good move or fake.

One person said: “This guy is clearly a genius businessman.”

Another user added: “This is amazing!!!”

However, some believed Jamie had faked the video.

Someone said: “I am sure he was booking one economic seat and one first class. One for camera man and one for himself, then they swapped. Pretty sure that what was happened.”

Let us know if you would copy the plane passenger faked injury move on your next flight.

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