Police Reconstructed Rude Act In A Hilarious Video

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Thai police reconstructed a rude act in a bid to bring to justice a couple who have been having sex in public.

In hilarious footage released on the weekend, two police officers act out the couple’s action. While the couple has been romping naked through Kasetsart University in Bangkok, the police officer were fully clothed.

Angered locals want the cops to find the couple who were also spotted naked by a freeway and in an elevator.

Image: www.viralpress.com

Why Police Reconstructed Rude Act?

Police say the couple are breaking Thailand’s public indecency laws.

So, why were the police reconstructing two people having sex?

Well, according to the cops, they want to help remind people of what they are looking for by, erm, recreating the rude act.

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Not only do the two police officers stand in the location the two nude people were but they also assume a position and make movements. It’s bizarre, cringey, and funny all rolled into one perfect video.

In the original video, there is a western man and Thai woman having sex during the clip. However, police say foreign influence is to blame and believe the videos may be sold to customers.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Sarawut Butrdee said officers are working to identify the naughty pair. He suspects more videos will emerge.

Image: www.viralpress.com

Breaking the Law

The police chief added: “The video that has been spreading on the internet shows the couple’s bodies, which makes it easier for us to find them.

“Our investigation found that they had been filming several scenes of outdoor sex and posting them on an adult video website for money.

“This behaviour is illegal and immoral. Publishing it breaks the Computer Crime Act against publishing obscenity into the public domain.”

So, police reconstructed the rude act and its amazing. Take a look at the video and let us know in the comments what you think.

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