Psychic 2020 Celebrity Predictions Excite The Internet

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Will these psychic 2020 celebrity predictions turn out to be true?

A psychic with a track record for predicting the future has offered his insight into what we can expect over the coming year.

As we prepare to head into 2020, what will the New Year bring?

Psychic Nicolas Aujula says he has had several visions ranging across the world of entertainment and current affairs.

Psychic 2020 Celebrity Predictions

Aujula of south London has had previous success making predictions that turned out to be true, such as during 2019.

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Looking at the world of celebrities in 2020, Nicolas says he believes Paris Hilton will have cause to celebrate: “I’ve had visions of Paris Hilton announcing she is having a baby, a scandal around Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Aniston starting a significant new relationship.

“I’ve also suddenly become very aware of Amy Winehouse, so I wonder if there will be another death of a young female singer in the headlines, perhaps of something surrounding alcohol and addiction.

“This one is really bizarre and random. I’ve seen visions of a floral cupcake dress going viral, and people really sitting up and noticing the design.”

Successful Predictions

34-year-old Nicolas works as a past life therapist. For example, he believes he has led five previous lives, including as a lion and an Egyptian queen.

“Some of the visions I have are through dreams, and others just hit when I am walking around,” he said. One of his previous visions involved a scandal with someone called Justin.

“When I look back at 2019, things I said compared with events that happened throughout are quite eye-opening,

At the time I wondered if it could be Bieber or Timberlake.” Last month, Justin Timberlake’s marriage was rocked when he was caught holding hands with a co-star.

What do you think of these Psychic 2020 celebrity predictions and do you think they will come true?

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