Quotes About Family Problems

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To solve a problem you have to recognize your share of responsibility. If you only blame the others, you will never solve It.

You lied? I cried. You flirt? I hurt. You wanted? I needed. You forgot? I remembered. You promised? I kept it. You stopped? I started. You were done? I was trying. You love me? Stop lying.

God, I cannot see your face, but my heart knows you are here with me. My soul hears you whispering softly to me when I am in need. I can feel your hand upon me when It seems as If the darkness of this world will consume me. I look around me and It Is easy to see all the work you have done for me. Others may believe what they want to believe, but I know you are here with me, today, tomorrow, and for all eternity. – Amen

Deep Inside us, we know what every family therapist knows: the problems between the parents become the problems within the children. – Roger Gould.

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