Raining Iguanas? Maybe in Florida

by Luke Jones on

You’ve probably heard of the saying, “raining cats and dogs”, but have you ever heard of it raining iguanas?

While the cats and dog’s idiom has no meaning in truth, people in Florida have been warned it may rain lizards in parts of the state.

A warning from the National Weather Service in Miami tells people iguanas may fall from the skies this week. According to the posting, the unusual situation would be caused by a rare cold snap that is hitting Florida.

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In fact, the Sunshine State is so uncharacteristically cold, Disneyland has been forced to close.

Could It Be Raining Iguanas?

In its warning, the National Weather Service explained how cold weather could cause iguanas to fall from the sky.

“This isn’t something we usually forecast, but don’t be surprised if you see Iguanas falling from the trees tonight as lows drop into the 30s and 40s,” the weather service tweeted. “Brrr!”

“Iguanas are cold blooded. They slow down or become immobile when temps drop into the 40s. They may fall from trees, but they are not dead,” the weather service said.

It seems the iguanas in tress become stiff when weather reaches a certain cold point. Chris Michaels, a meteorologist with WSLS-TV in Roanoke, Virginia, told USA Today this is not even the first time it has happened in Florida.

“At about 50 degrees, iguanas can become lethargic,” Michaels said. “It’s when the temperature drops to about 40 degrees or lower that their blood doesn’t move around as quickly. As a result, they can stiffen up and fall out of the trees in which they frequent.”

Raining Iguanas

Iguanas stiffen in trees when they get cold and can be carried by the wind. (Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/iguana-lizard-dragon-exotic-head-4185363/)

They Don’t Like Cold

For example, two years ago a similar warning was issued. Residents in Florida has been warned to not think the lizards are dead and try to touch them… they can still bite!

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Many people welcome cold weather because it can kill off iguanas if the temperature drops below 2010. This was certainly what happened in 2010 when many lizards died. While that seems, ahem, cold blooded, the iguana is an invasive species in Florida and harms native ecosystems.

Are you living in Florida? Perhaps its time to buy a strong umbrella because it could be raining iguanas.

Written by: Luke Jones

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