Rare Harry Potter Book Sells for £2,300

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A rare Harry Potter book has been sold for £2,300 in the United Kingdom

One Rare Harry Potter Book has netted its owner a huge amount of money after it sold at auction. The book in question was a limited first edition of Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets that was signed by author JK Rowling.

Owner and businessman Mark Cavoto, 51, is an avid collector of Harry Potter books and has 1,500 in his collection. The first edition of Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets is not necessarily a rare version on its own.

However, when signed by JK Rowling it becomes a rare Harry Potter book. Therefore, Cavoto was able to make a big profit on the book at Hansons Auctioneers.

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Rare Harry Potter Book Auction

In fact, he purchased the book for just 1p, and it sold at auction for a massive £2,300.

The Chamber of Secrets is the second in the hugely popular fantasy franchise was sold at a Staffordshire auction in England. Meanwhile, during the sale, the price kept increasing until a private international buyer made the highest bid.

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However, Cavoto said he is “over the moon” and praised the auctioneer for reaching the top of the price estimate.

Image: Hansons Auctioneers


The father-of-five is a notable collector of Harry Potter books and has bought and sold around 3,000 copies. He said he started collecting when his daughter (now 25) was reading the series. For instance, he said he quickly realized certain editions of the franchise could fetch a profit.

“About 10 years ago, we decided to sell some of her older books and three of them were sold within 20 minutes on eBay for £9.99 each.

“I’m a businessman with a shop in Buxton and I knew this was a business opportunity.

“I checked the ISBN numbers and sourced the same three books second-hand on Amazon, bought them for a penny each plus postage and sold them online for £9.99 each in minutes.”

In conclusion, have you ever owned a rare Harry Potter book, and which is your favorite book in the series?

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