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Neteller is basically a UK based payment processor. Neteller is an FSA regulated (link) payment processor. NETELLER payment processor operated by Optimal Payments Limited. Optimal Payments Limited is approved by the Financial Conduct Authority and approved by NETELLER for online e-currency based activities. Neteller is the most popular means of investing or withdrawing money on Forex market. The main reason behind this is that it is very easy to transfer money to another NETELLER account or if you have a Neteller Master Card, you can easily withdraw money from an ATM. Neteller is a popular payment processor. On February 12, 2012, 18 more countries, including Bangladesh, got the benefits of Net + MasterCard. Create your Netteler Account Today

NETELLER account does not cost any money to open. You can open an account for free. After clicking on the top account button you will have the following form that you will need to fill. Fill the specified form correctly and click on the “Open Account” button. Your NETELLER account will be open and you will receive a confirmation email in your email ID. Now you can log in to your NETELLER account and verify your NETELLER account. We face the most problems by verifying the NETELLER account. It may happen that you face issues with verification of Neteller account. Due to different addresses are shown in the document or other issues. But interestingly it is a simple process. We are facing this problem due to some of our own mistakes.

Now we will know how do you verify Neteller’s account?

In Neteller, you must verify the account to use their services. It can be transacted up to $ 100 without verification, but it is not safe. You must verify. It is not possible to use the account without verification. The name of the Neteller account and the name of your trading account will be one. Otherwise, it could be a problem with the broker. So you have to use your real name.

For verification, a clear scan copy of those documents are required:

  • – Both sides of your driving license
  • – Scan copy of passport
  • – Scan copy of your national id card
  • – Documents for address verification
  • – Face match photo of your id

For verification of Neteller account, this is the procedure you have to follow:

step 1-Firstly log into your account and find out the summary page of your account. Then you have to find out the option “ generate document” and by clicking on it download a pdf document.

After opening the Neteller account properly you must first deposit any amount. Then you will find the option to verify your account. Although no one can be anymore, Neteller’s minimum $ 5 transfer from NETELLER is possible. If you have skrill amounts then you can deposit $ 0.01.

Step 2 – After depositing of AMOUNT – You have to set 3 different security questions so that if your NETELLER account is blocked for any reason or if there is any problem then you can retrieve the NETELLER account by answering this question. Then, you have to set a 6-digit Pin Code for your account. You need this PIN-code to make money in another account.

Step 3- you will need to upload a copy of the NID / Passport / Driving License to verify your name correctly. Here, you will submit a color photograph of two NID / Passport / Driving License. In this case, you have to use the webcam.
The last step is to upload a copy of your utility BIll / Council papers / Court Bill / Bank Statement of any one of the utility in your name to verify your address. Now you have to take a NID / Passport / Driving License in front of your face and take another picture. (To upload this image, use Webcam directly)

Many have applied for verification but complained about the account being verified. Many are uploading documents but they are not submitting. There is a separate button for submitting documents after the documents are uploaded. If they do not submit from there, the request for verifiers does not go to them, so there is no verification. So, when verifying, everyone should take care of this.

Things you should know regarding verification

  • Uploaded pictures should be colorful
  • Pictures of NID / Passport / Driving License are clear and here your name and age should be understood.
  • Never go to open two NETELLER accounts of the same name, in which two of your accounts will be blocked.
  • Do not forget to open an account with any information wrong. If you do not have these essential things then there is no need to open an account in your name. You can be in danger.
  • It takes time to verify: 1 – 2 days

Why do you need to verify?

Verification is necessary, it gives you proper security as well as you can have full access without any limit regarding deposits or withdrawal. And if you want to have MasterCard, then verification is a requirement in that case. You can get those facilities with a verified Neteller account.

  • Can be withdrawn from the bank


  • Check Withdrawal
  • You can transfer money to someone else’s NETELLER account without any fees.


  • Supported account currency: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, INR, HUF AUD, BGN, CAD, DKK, EEK, LTL, LVL, MXN, NOK, PLN, RON, RUB, SEK, SGD
  • Reward Point Facility


  • VIP account
  • Net + MasterCard:

NETELLER’s biggest advantage is Prepaid MasterCard. Most e-currency users have to exchange e-currency for each other. The best advantage you can get through Neteller MasterCard is that you can withdraw from your nearest MasterCard supported ATM booth at any time with the help of the card. Most of the banks have Booth MasterCard support. Mastercard can be seen outside the booth, it can be understood that MasterCard will work here. By entering the card you can withdraw money with the PIN number in the normal rule. The amount you have in your account will be shown in the current exchange rates in your country. You can withdraw the required amount of money from the booths. The ATM withdrawal fee may seem a bit more complicated. If you withdraw $ 100 dollars, then you are reading $ 9 fee. $ 200 will be off your total fee of $ 12. You can apply for Free Net + MasterCard if you verify the account. Within 14 – 21 days of the application, they will send the card to your address free. After receiving the card you will have to activate the card. This card can be used everywhere, online or offline shopping, at restaurants, eating and drinking.
  • Virtual MasterCard:

NETELLER has Virtual MasterCard facility. Through this, you can create a 1-month virtual MasterCard and use it for online shopping. So, Create your Netteler Account Now.

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