Reporter Tricked On TV Into Wearing Armor to Hold Koala

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A Brit reporter was tricked on TV into thinking a koala she was holding was “lethal” in a side-splitting moment.

Debi Edwards, Asia correspondent for ITV News, was told by her Australian crew that a koala bear she would be holding a dangerous “drop bear” that could kill her.

Amazingly, Edwards believed the koala was a dangerous subspecies and not the cuddly animal we all know and love. Falling for the trick, she went on TV holding the bear while wearing full tactical gear.

Dressed like a mountain biker in a helmet and body armor and the hilarity continued from there.

How Was A Reporter Tricked On TV?

Debi was told the bear was a specific type of koala known as a “drop bear” and that it had venomous fangs that could kill her. Her crew also said the bear was aggressive and likely to attack at any moment.

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During the video, she can be seen donning her protective gear and looking nervous as she is handed the bear.

However, the prank did not stop there. While the koala is really harmless, Sean Malcahy of Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park continued the joke as he spoke with Debi on camera.

He told the reporter: “The third most common injury we see from tourists in Australia is actually from a drop bear attack.”


Believing The Prank

Clearly terrified, Debi started to relate the incorrect information to viewers during the segment.

She told the camera: “I’ve been told that this is quite a dangerous bear, it’s been known to attack people.

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“It’s called a drop bear because they drop out of the trees to attack people.

“I’m trying not to be worried because I’ve been told that he can sense if I’m worried.

“I’m not quite sure what it’s doing right now.”

Before it gets out of hand, the crew start laughing, and Debi realizes she is about to become an internet sensation. Bursting into laughter, she screams “You were kidding me! F****** Aussies!”

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