Reporter Wins Lottery Live During Live TV

by Hanna Embry on

Check out the amazing moment this reporter wins lottery live on TV.

A Spanish TV reporter won the lottery live on TV and immediately said she was “not coming to work tomorrow”. However, the hilarious moment soon turned on her as she had not won the main prize.

Natalia Escudero, a reporter for public broadcaster RTVE, clutched a ticket and started screaming live on air. It turned out the lucky reporter has won the lottery on live TV.

It seems Escudero believed she was rich and would not need to work anymore. She blurted out she would not be in work that next day. However, she later learned she had only won €5,000 ($5,550; £4,285).

How Did Reporter Win Lottery on Live TV?

The Christmas lottery she played had a top prize of 4 million euros but could be shared amongst multiple winners.

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Many criticized Escudero for her actions during the segment, claiming she was unprofessional. As you can see in the video, she is jumping for joy.

Importantly, she was actually reporting on the so-called El Gordo (The Fat One) Christmas lottery. In other words, she was in the right place to celebrate when the numbers for the winning prize came out as 26590.

Champagne rained down on Escudero as she celebrated.

Image: RTVE

Later Apology

After realizing she was not a millionaire and seeing backlash from viewers during the show, Escudero issued an apology. She said she got “emotional” and has been through a “difficult” few months. Furthermore, she added that she is proud of her “rigorous and proven work”.

“It is sad that Natalia Escudero is today [known as] the manipulative and lying journalist from RTVE,” she tweeted. Ms Escudero is now going on holiday, something she says was already planned.

Hey, what about you? How would you react if you thought you were the reporter who won the lottery on live TV?

Written by: Hanna Embry

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