Retirement Messages For Dad

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Happy Retirement!

Start dreaming about your free life, Start thinking about how you will keep busy, Start doing the things you never did, Start being happy and carefree, Start planning your vacations, Start looking for new hobbies, Start organizing family get-together, Start thinking like a retiree.  Happy Retirement.

Your wife will say welcome back your boss will say goodbye your children will say well done your grand kids will probably cry your friends will say cheers your colleagues will say farewell your family will say hurray I am free Is what you will yell. Happy Retirement.

When I was a child, you nurtured me. When I was a teenager, you gave me boundaries to be an example to me. On father’s day, I thank you for being my life’s template. Love you, Dad.

We congratulate you on being free from all your work duties. May you live happily after retirement. Happy Retirement.

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