Robot Vacuum Burglar Takes Blame for Crime

by Luke Jones on

Read about the hilarious robot vacuum burglar that had its owners fooled!

A couple had a stressful encounter over Christmas. Believing a burglar was in their home, the husband and wife called 911 and asked for police. However, this was not Santa Claus.

When the cops showed up, the suspect was quickly identified. The perp was none other than a robot vacuum cleaner.

That’s right, deputies quickly found the noise the North Carolina couple heard downstairs was their automatic vacuum.

Police quickly responded with the robot vaccum burglar. (Image: Pixabay)

Robot Vacuum Burglar Strikes

According to Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a 911 call early Christmas morning. However, while the couple believed there was an intruder, a robotic device was found to be the cause.

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While waiting for the police to arrive, the couple hit in a closet while the noise continued downstairs. Police searched the home and found the Eufy robotic vacuum had activated itself and was getting in some Christmas cleaning.

Thomas Milam says he and his wide purchased the cleaner just three days before the incident.

“It definitely is better safe than sorry because having heard what we did, I still would have called the police and because you just never know,” Milam told WGHP-TV.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Similar Case

The incident mirrors a similar case from earlier this year. During that event, police in Oregon responded to a similar incident where a woman had believed she was being robbed. She locked herself in the bathroom, forcing deputies to a force entry into the house with their guns drawn.

“As we entered the home we could hear ‘rustling’ in the bathroom,” the sheriff’s office said at the time. “We made several announcements and the ‘rustling’ became more frequent. We breached the bathroom door and encountered a very thorough vacuuming job being done by a Roomba Robotic Vacuum cleaner.”

Do you have a robotic vacuum burglar? Remember, if something goes bump in the night, it’s probably just the cleaner!

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