Sacrifice Quotes

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The good and the great are only separated by their willingness to sacrifice. – Kareem Abdul – Jabbar

To truly grow you have to be willing at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you can be.

To dream I to accept that you are going to sacrifice more than you could have ever dreamed.

Sweat plus sacrifice equals success.

A healthy relationship will never require you to sacrifice your friends, your dreams or your dignity.

A strong relationship starts with two brave people who are ready to sacrifice anything for one another.

The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risks, the discipline to tell the truth, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their virtues make them vulnerable; they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed. – Ernest Hemingway

If a relationship creates Isolation that’s when the red flags go up.

Nothing great was ever accomplished without making sacrifices.

If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want will be the sacrifice.

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