Sad Love Quotes For Her From The Heart

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Maybe one day, I’ll be what you need. But don’t wait too long… Because the day you want me, may be the day I’ve finally given up…

I will always care for you, even If we’re not together and even If we’re far, far away from each other.

I can be annoying, weird, and sometimes overly emotional, but I’ll always love you like there’s no tomorrow.

At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay In your heart but not In your life.

If I treated you, the way you treated me. You would hate me.

Sometimes It Is easier to smile even If you’re hurting Inside, than to explain to the whole world why you’re sad.

I like to think that I actually mean something to you.

Sometimes It’s better to keep silent than to tell others what you feel, because It hurts badly when you come to know that.

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