A Scottish Commuter Train was Blocked for An Hour by a Run Away Cow!

by Hanna Embry on

Only in Scotland can your commute be disrupted in such a hilarious way! Passengers experienced delays on their commute on Tuesday by non other than a few run away cows! The internet then hilariously joined in on the updates about the Scottish Train situation.

The highland cow that decided to take a rest on the tracks was called an “absolute unit” by railway workers. This is slang for a large animal, as well as a rather large person. Just like that reporter tricked into wearing armor to hold a koala, there were lots of amazingly funny comments.

The cow was an escapee from Pollock Country Park outside of Glasgow. After it made a break for it, the cow decided that the line at Busby needed a rest! However, it’s the Twitter jokes from the Scottish Railways that has the internet going crazy.

Funny Scottish Train Updates

Not only were the puns pouring in, but the updates were also incredibly funny.

They wrote, “We’ll get them moooooved as soon as we can.” The update included a GIF of a cow wearing a wig. As well as looking longingly into the distance with the wind blowing in it’s hair.

It wasn’t just one train. The wondering cattle delayed several trains! Not exactly ideal for people on their way to work, or trying to get home.

Mooooooooooving On

After about an hour, there was an update about getting the cows off of the tracks. The Scottish Train authorities posted a video of the cows being safely removed from the tracks.

The video shows the cow being lead to safety away from the railway. The posts stated, “We’ve moved the animal clear of the railway assisted by the @GlasgowCC staff.”

All in all, there were a few late train departures from Glasgow central station. As well as a few delayed trains going out and into the major city hub.

However, the internet rejoiced at such a hilarious delay! People from all over the world were commenting, as well as asking for cow updates. Not to mention sharing GIFs, as well as showing support for the “freed” animals.

All things considered, the cows and the commuters were all safe. Here’s hoping that the Pollock Country Park doesn’t have any more jailbreaks!

Written by: Hanna Embry

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