Senior Funny Quotes

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Senior Quotes (11)

Katia perez my computer screen Is brighter than my future.

Senior Quotes (12)

So what do I just write something here and It’ll go In the yearbook?

Senior Quotes (13)

Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do. –Benjamin Franklin.

Senior Quotes (14)

No , Miranda you senior quote can’t be fries before guys. DAD.

Senior Quotes (15)

No one ever noticed my haircut.

Senior Quotes (16)

Morgan Is my girlfriend. –Nobody.

Senior Quotes (17)

I don’t like It when people call me a dumb blonde. It gets on my pet peeves.

Senior Quotes (19)

Taylor bass I’m gonna go stand outside. If anyone  asks I’m outstanding.

Senior Quotes (20)

That’s what . she.

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