Shaved Eyebrow Hack Goes Hilariously Wrong

by Luke Jones on

One man tried a shaved eyebrow hack in an effort to land himself an important job. However, it went hilariously wrong.

A 25-year-old man went on a lad’s weekend away with his friends and woke up to a surprise. In classic weekend away behavior, his friend shaved off one of his eyebrows.

While the man (known as Gooko) saw the funny side of the joke, he quickly remembered something important. He had a job interview just days later. Of course, going to an interview at Burger King with one eyebrow shaved off is no a good look.

Gooko thought he had a bright idea.


The Shaved Eyebrow Hack

Listening to a schoolmate, Gooko decided the best thing to do would be to draw and eyebrow on his face with black marker pen.

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Sure, when I first heard the story about a man who drew and eyebrow in his face, and then saw his name was Gooko, my reaction was simply “yeah, makes sense”.

Thinking the Burger King manager would not notice, Gooko was confident he would look the part during his interview. However, the boss did notice, and he did not get the job.



Gooko has since grown the eyebrow back and took to Twitter to tell his hilarious story.

Gooko said: “I had been drinking with my friends from Friday through to Sunday, and by Sunday night we had ran out of stupid things to do so we each shaved off one eyebrow.

“When I sobered up it was still funny and then it didn’t stop being funny until I realized that I had to attend that interview during the week.

“To be honest at the time I was really young and really dumb, and I genuinely didn’t understand why I didn’t get the job, so yeah I was confused.

“I ended up removing the sharpie eyebrow and just rocked the singular brow that was less embarrassing somehow

“But my eyebrows are pretty prominent, and it took ages to grow back.

“I Googled ways to stimulate hair growth and ended up brushing the hair follicles with a tooth brush every night.”

So, this shaved eyebrow hack was a complete disaster. What would you do if your friends did this to you and you had an interview coming up? I think honesty would have been the best policy, but what about you?

Written by: Luke Jones

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