Short Love Quotes

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My love for you has no end and I will keep on loving you till my last breath. Love you a lot.

You’re my sunshine on a rainy day.

Every love story Is beautiful, but our Is my favorite.

True love Is knowing a person’s faults, and loving them even more for them.

One person thousand feelings.

I still fall In love with you everyday!

Don’t stay you love me unless you mean It because I might do something stupid… like believe It!

I never knew how to worship until I knew how to love. – Henry Ward Beecher

Love must be as much a light as It Is a flame. – Henry David Thoreau

I argue thee that love Is life, and life hath Immortality. – Emily Dickinson

They always say we’re too young to love, but maybe they’re too old to remember.

Love Is the greatest refreshment In life. – Pablo Picasso

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