Showering on A Motorbike Gets Two Men A Police Fine

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Police in Vietnam have fined two men for (you won’t believe this) showering on a motorbike!

Police issued the fine when a video emerged of the pair showering at the same time, they were riding the bike. The video appeared online and quickly went viral on local media and social media.

In the clip, the two men a riding the bike without their shirts. However, they are also without any protective clothing, including a helmet. Amazingly, as they ride, they are rinsing their hair and adding shampoo.

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Posted by Giao Thông on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Showering on a Motorbike

To rinse their hair, the pair of adventurous bathers carried a bucket of water that was wedged between them. The passenger used a jug to retrieve water from the bucket and put it on himself and the driver.

Other commuters found the situation hilarious, although it is also clearly dangerous. The video went viral on social media and while many certainly laughed others pointed out the danger.

According to the BBC, local police identified the driver as 23-year-old Hunynh Thanh Khanh. Law enforcements tracked down the naughty pair by using the license plate seen in the video.

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Local news outlet Tuoi Tre confirmed the men received a 1.8 million Vietnamese Dong. If you’re thinking that’s an insane fine, that is only around $113. The fine was issued for various violations, including riding without a helmet, dangerous driving, riding without a mirror, and driving without a license.


Bikes In Vietnam

Motorbikes are a fundamental mode of transport in Vietnam. Cars are hugely expensive, so most people embrace bikes as they are affordable to run and easier to repair.

Certainly, on the busy streets of Vietnamese cities have people on bikes doing many strange activities, such as whole families using a single motorbike.

However, it seems showering on a motorbike is a step too far.

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