50 Year Snowball Ban Removed in Wisconsin Town

by Hatice Degirmenci on

People in one town are celebrating as a 50 year snowball ban has been removed.

In the town of Wausau in Wisconsin, it’s a white Christmas every year as snow settles on the area. However, people in the town are unable to enjoy the snow thanks to a 50 year snowball ban.

That’s right, the town has banned snowballs for half a century. Specifically, people in Wausau have been banned from throwing snowballs since 1962.

An ordinance put in place 50 years ago places a fine of $114 on any person who engages in a snowball fights during winter. Because of this law, Wausau has previously been called the “worst town in America”.

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50 Year Snowball Ban Lifted

In a sign of progress, the town’s public safety committee decided to make amendments to the law. Now, snowball is now longer deemed to be a projectile under the ordinance. Councilman Patrick Peckham voted to change the law but says there are some caveats.

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For example, snowballs can only be thrown alongside a combatant who has consented to a fight.

“So basically, if you throw a snowball at your buddy at bar time, you’re alright. But if you stand on the highway and chuck it at cars, then you’re in trouble,” Peckham said.

To celebrate the relaxing of the law, Wausau police deputy chief Matt Barnes launched a missile and the town mayor’s head. Barnes points out the law was becoming pointless. For instance, the law has resulted in tickets just 10 times over the previous 15 years.

“The criticism has been, ‘That’s stupid. Why have an ordinance that’s not universally enforced? If you have an ordinance, either it’s illegal or it’s not.’ (The ordinance) was working OK for us, but it’s cleaner if you just remove the word ‘snowball’,” Peckham said.

So, the 50 year snowball ban has been lifted and Wausau is getting a Christmas present. Do you enjoy snowball fights? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

Written by: Hatice Degirmenci

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