Spotify Launched Dog Playlists for Lonely Pets

by Luke Jones on

Last week, Spotify launched dog playlists that are designed to keep pets occupied when they are left home alone.

The music streaming giant announced the new feature following a UK-based study had some interesting results.

Everyone loves their pet and for most people a dog is another member of the family. Closeness and friendship underline dog ownership, which makes some aspects of having a pet heartbreaking. For example, everyday we leave our dog in the house alone.


Spotify Launched Dog Playlists

Spotify conducted a survey in the United Kingdom that found 71% of pet owners already leave music on when they leave the house. Moreover, some other interesting facts emerged from the survey.

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It is worth noting the following stats are from a wider survey conducted across five nations.

70% of people asked said they actively think about the emotional wellbeing of their pets on a daily basis. Furthermore, 80% of respondents think their dog likes animals. 46% think their animal appreciates music and it helps them to relax.

To help pet parents, Spotify has decided to create a “pawfect” playlist for pets. According to the company, algorithms selects the best songs for your animal to enjoy.

You can check out the playlists at


Setting Up A Pet Playlist

In a blog post, Spotify explains how to set up a playlist for your pet:

Step 1: Pick your pet.

You can choose from a dog, cat, iguana, hamster, or bird.

Step 2: Tell us more about your pet. 

From relaxed vs. energetic to shy vs. friendly, select which trait most aligns with your pet’s personality—it will help us pick the playlist vibe.

Step 3: Add a name and photo. 

The playlist cover will feature your pet’s name and photo so you can keep the memory forever, and you’ll also receive a personalized share card!

Step 4: Listen and share.

Once complete, grab your iguana and get listening, dancing, or singing. Then, feel free to share (and compare) your card on social using #SpotifyPets.”

Now Spotify launched dog playlists, let us know below if you pet like the music the app selects.

Written by: Luke Jones

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