Terrible Villains From Film and TV That the Public Crush On

by Neal Bricker on

Some characters and heroes are universally loved. Take for instance Jason Momoa for his fitting role as Aquaman. Recently, he called out his friend and fellow actor Chris Pratt for posing with a single-use water bottle for a promotional photoshoot. He sent him a case of water packaged with recyclable aluminum cans – from his own brand, Mananalu – to drink instead.

On the flip side, there are many famous villains that the public may have a questionable weakness for. So, here’s a list below:

1. Loki

Played by Tom Hiddleston, Loki is often depicted as a sensitive, cruel, and unintentionally funny villain who just needs a bit of love. Maybe it’s his intelligence and cunning, mischievous style, and trickster nature, but are you willing to forget all the murders he committed in New York before he went over to the good side? Or are you just going to let it slide when he says ironic one-liners to Thor like “Hitting doesn’t solve anything?” Perhaps you’re just blinded by his long and luxurious hair.

2. Ramsay Bolton

One of the most hated characters from Game of Thrones is arguably Ramsay Bolton, played by Iwan Rheon in the television series. However, there are some fans that find the combination of his piercing blue eyes and sadistic tendencies oddly appealing. According to a survey on celebrity crushes from Gala Bingo, 5.3% of people who participated admitted to having a crush on Ramsay. That’s probably too many considering all the ways he tortured poor Theon, betrayed the Ironborn, and did countless other horrible things.

3. Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren, portrayed by Adam Driver in the Star Wars films is another angsty heroesque-villain that some people hate, and others love. It’s challenging to write about his good points and bad points without revealing any spoilers, but it’s safe to say that he’s a conflicted character who makes the audience want to root for him. There’s even the whole Reylo movement, which ships him with Rey that can be viewed as a toxic relationship. It’s made up of Force Skype conversations, some shirtless scenes, and a great deal of tension.

4. Magneto

It’s safe to say that one of the reasons why cinemagoers love Magneto is due to Michael Fassbender’s good looks in X-Men: First Class. As usual, there’s the whole debate between whether he’s actually a hero or a villain but his charm compensates for (most) of the chaos he causes. Like many villains, he has a dark past and we see his struggles and feel pity for his trauma at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Although he goes down a dark path, he still shows loyalty to his fellow mutants and has some redeeming characteristics.

Whether you love them or hate them, most of these villains do have some kind of tragic backstory to explain their flaws. The truly compelling villains battle an intense conflict within them, and it’s always a toss-up between good or evil. And finally, along with this comes a magnetism and good looks to compel fans who should know better but to still root for the bad guy to win in the end.

Written by: Neal Bricker

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