ThanksGiving Day Funny Quotes

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Eat Beef!

The most stressful part of a cannibal thanksgiving Is deciding who Is going to be the turkey….

I’m the Daniel Day-Lewis of convincingly acting at thanksgiving like I’m happy about being single.

Is that a pop-up timer In your belly or are you just happy to see me? Turkey pick-up lines.

Happy Kill a turkey and eat It with friends and family day.

Happy thanksgiving!

Eat Beef.

He’s got a point. Noboday eats a flamingo on thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving… a day to stuff my face and watch football.

Happy thanksgiving … and all that stuffing.

This year eat ham happy thanksgiving.

Woooohoo! the farmer invited me over for dinner. even for a turkey tommy wasn’t very bright happy thanksgiving!

Real men Eat beef.

Horror Movie

happy Turkeyday.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I’m not a turkey.

As far as I’m concerned any day the relatives visit Is turkey Day.

You’d ¬†better get out of the sun ralph… looks like you’re done.

Time for the turkey! Dude I put this on It’ll be fun I promise.

Eat Me!!

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