The Cat And Dog World With Funny Quotes

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We are sleeping very well, don’t disturbed us .

                       Today is very special day for me because i will marry someone.
we are best friend, today, future and forever. I think you fell jealous.

I fell very sick today, i can’t play with you today. sorry……

Is it a doll or not? Can you imagine or guess?

It’s a very cute and little cat.

 I am too much tired. Sleeping moment when eating my dinner after a long working day.

 I attended the seminar.

We are not for fun. Please don’t laugh. We are hungry.

I am little. My vehicle is also little like me.



 Sleeping with no sense.

 I want to go back to my home.

Design with my hair.

I don’t want to eat the ice bar. I am very cold.


 Me with my Mom.




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