The Hitman’s BodyGuard

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The Hitman’s Bodyguard. By hearing the movie name, we can get some ideas about the story of the movie. Samuel L Jackson is the infamous hitman, whose profession is killing someone for money. On the other side, Ryan Reynolds works as a bodyguard of high profile persons. In easy words, his main duty is to save all high profile people’s life from Hitman’s shoot.

Scilicet, one person kills someone by arms and other person protects it by those arms. The main problem occurs when the professional bodyguard is appointed to protect the Hitman from an oppression of a dictator. Though, the Hitman is the old enemy of him.

In another side, Salma Hayek is the beautiful wife of Hitman who is equally dangerous own-self. With expensive car and sea-faring vessel/hydroplane chase-shuffle, firing little consecutive, fighting, hero and villain; you will get all materials for a complete action movie in 118 minutes movie.

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