Top 21 Secret Quotes

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Secrets and lies kill relationships. No matter how careful you are, you will get caught.

Don’t be a secret. If they can’t mention you publicly, they shouldn’t be able to have you privately. If you’re a secret, please know that you’re probably not the only one. – Tony Gaskins

I believe we secretly love each other.

We all have stories we’ll never tell.

It Is often In the darkest skies that we see the lightest stars.

Never give your secret to anyone because If you can’t keep It to yourself don’t expect others to.

Write your secrets In sand and trust them with a mermaid.

He’s my secret. My beautiful little secret!

We all have stories we’ll never tell.

There is a truth deep down inside of you that has been waiting for you to discover it, and that truth is this: you deserve all good things life has to offer.

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