Top 5 Fun Things To Do With Your Pets

by Katrina Denning on

It’s very different when you get to spend your time with your furry buddy. Fortunately, for pet owners, there are plenty of ways to play with your pets, hence more opportunity for bonding!

The following are some of the best activities you can do with your pet.

1. Go On A Pet-Friendly Holiday

If you want to go skiing or snowboarding with your friend, why not take your fur baby along with you this time? Bringing your pet to have fun with you can be very rewarding wherever you go. Plus, you can find accommodation that’ll allow animals, whether in hotels or rentals. There are also restaurants, parks, and other outdoor locations that are pet-friendly these days.

When going on a vacation, especially in colder regions, don’t forget to pack the appropriate outer gear for your pet, such as dog boots. This is essential if your pet isn’t used to the freezing temperature of the place you’re going. The right outer gear will protect their paws from frostbite.

2. Visit An Off-Leash Park

Pet parks are wide open spaces or fields where fur babies can roam freely. They’re becoming more popular in the cities and communities so that dogs, cats, and any other pet can spend time with others and socialize. It’s a perfect place for meeting other pets and their owners from the neighborhood.

Social interactions with other animals are key to their own behavioral development. This way, they’ll learn how to express themselves with various cues the right way, such as backing off and how to show their happiness and appreciation. Remember to pack your own plastic bags and clean up after your buddy to keep the park tidy.

3. Take An Agility Class Or An Obedience Class

Taking training classes together strengthens your bond with your pet. It also helps them focus their energy by learning something new, following verbal commands, or doing tricks. Furthermore, it’ll help you gain more confidence in handling your fur baby, and they’ll get some physical activity instead of just chewing your slippers at home.

For pets with behavioral issues, you can also learn how to handle them and be patient, consistent, and give rewards at the right time, helping you save a lot of money buying those treats.

For instance, for a dog that keeps on barking without reason, going to a specialized training class can help them remain calm and to stop barking when you command them. Talk about a well-trained dog!

4. Make Them A Gourmet Meal

Do you remember having the best meal yet at a restaurant? You could give your pet that same experience by making a sumptuous lunch or dinner that didn’t come from a box or a can. After all, they need some gastronomic pampering, too.

Conveniently, there are many recipes online for meals and snacks that your pet can enjoy, such as chicken jerky and peanut butter cookies. The best part is you get the knowledge that what you’re giving your furry buddy is healthy, nutritious, and appropriate for their health condition.

5. Go On A Hike

You can start enjoying nature together with your pet by taking them on a trail off a beaten path on a road trip. It’s better to get in the habit of hiking or going on road trips while you still can or before you have limitations, whether career- or health-wise. Fortunately, there are many hiking locations around the United States that are pet-friendly.

However, it can be challenging if you’re fur baby isn’t accustomed to being outdoors. But if you want to bring out their adventurous side, you’ll have to give positive reinforcement and make their safety a priority, too. As a tip, never hike without proper outdoor gear for you and your pet. Bring water, a first aid kit, harness and vest, bells or lights to attach to their collar, a GPS tracker, and more.

Pets are Family

Fostering a healthy relationship with your pet not only includes nutritious food, clean water, and watching out for their health. The time you give your furry best friend eases them and lets them know that you love them just as much.

Written by: Katrina Denning