Top Funny 16th Birthday Wishes

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16 is not for the fainthearted because from 15 you have departed, and guess what? You’re only getting started! Happy Sweet 16!

You will have many opportunities to demonstrate your maturity as a near-adult, but why waste your childhood on that? Happy 16 B’day!

Kiss ‘spin the bottle’ goodbye and give a warm welcome to dating! And maybe even your driver’s license! Doesn’t 16 sound great?

Explaining life to a 16-year-old is as practical as bathing a fish, so I’ll spare you the sappy advice. Just have fun on your birthday.

I have two tips for you on your 16th birthday. One: forget the past because you can’t change it. Two: forget the gift because I didn’t get you one. Kidding! Happy birthday!

Being 16 is wonderful because you can conveniently act grown up and dumb as when you need to. Enjoy this phase of life while you have it. Happy Birthday.

You’ll probably get a lot of gifts tonight, but your car insurance company’s getting one too – a premium. Happy 16th birthday!

You know why turning sixteen is great? You get all this independence but still no responsibility. Happy birthday!

Today is so big, even your parents are excited! Excited about not having to drive you around anymore! Happy 16th birthday.

You only get to turn 16 once. Have a great time on your birthday!

At 16, you are a middle-aged teenager. You have 3 years behind you and 3 years ahead of you in your teens. You probably won’t enjoy the next time you are called middle-aged, so have fun on your 16th birthday.

At your age, you are the least experienced driver on the road without a driving instructor in the car. You are what everyone else on the road is worried about. Congratulations on your scary new status. Happy 16th!

You’re 16, and I’m issuing you a license to have an awesome birthday! Enjoy!

Your parents are secretly excited about you turning 16. They no longer have to be your chauffeur.

Stay sweet as long as you can, even though you will only be 16 for the next year.

16 is a year of gaining independence. Be careful with yours.

Now you can actually drive a car instead of just driving your parents crazy.

16 is the perfect age: you get the independence without all the responsibility.

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