The Top Gifts Bought in 2019

by Hanna Embry on

Now that the year is winding down, as well as the gift giving season coming to an end, it’s time to reflect on the year. Not only that, but take a good look at the years most popular items! Here are the top gifts bought in 2019!

Apple AirPods

All in all, Apple AirPods have had an amazing year. Whether you’re listening to that Bohemian Rhapsody Cover over and over again, or your favorite audiobook, the AirPods are the way to go. The sleek design, as well as the quality sound made AirPods one of the most popular gifts of 2019!

Weighted Blankets as Gifts in 2019!

Want to cuddle yourself to sleep? So did everyone else in 2019! Weighted blankets, also known as gravity blankets, are very popular things to give to friends and loved ones.

Activity Trackers

2019 was a great year for tech giants who invested heavily in activity trackers. However, there were lots of brands that made the cut! Here are some of the most popular trackers gifted in 2019:

  • Apple Watch
  • Fitbit Charge 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Fit
  • Fitbit Versa
  • And many others!

If you’re looking for the newest in activity tracking, as well as a cool gift for your loved ones, it’s very possible that these will be the gifts that keep on giving in 2020!

Instant Pot

Busy people need quality kitchen gadgets that make their lives easier. All things considered, the rise in popularity of the Instant Pot as a great gift in 2019 is something that probably won’t fizzle! Making refried beans in less than an hour?! Yes, please!

Keep On these Gifts in 2019 and Beyond!

Gift giving can sometimes be an art, as well as an amazing talent. Because some are born without the gift giving gene, there are popular items to keep them up to date on the best gifts in 2019! Not only can you end the year reading hilarious Cats reviews, but you can also get a head start on the best gifts to give out next year!

Written by: Hanna Embry

Hanna is a freelance author who has been working for blogs, websites, and ghostwriting books for nearly a decade! After living abroad, and traveling the world, Hanna found that her voice as a creative writer, as well as her love of traveling, could go hand in hand as a freelance content creator. She has a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Degree from Indiana University. Her favorite Author is Brandon Sanderson, she is a mother, she has two beautiful dogs, and her amazing writing skills can be found on a wide variety of platforms! You can contact Hanna at [email protected]