Trimming Nasal Hairs: Is it really Important?

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The human body contain an estimated 600,000 hair follicles, each follicles gives a hair shaft. Human hair grows in the head, groin, hands, feet, eyebrow, inside the ears and nose.These hairs serve unique purposes depending on which part of the body they are growing.Of great importance, hair converts outer vibrations into neurological impulses that the human brain treats as stimuli. When mosquitoes land on the skin, it’s the hairs that warn the brain. Though some fully grown hair such as head hair and beard are positive points of attraction, over grown nose hair can be so irritating and unattractive. This is why it is important to keep the nasal hairs under control using the best nose hair trimmer available in the market. Nasal hair trimmers are made special to safely remove unruly hairs protruding from the nostrils and causing discomforts when breathing in and out.

Why Nose Hair is Necessary

Hair in the nose is a deficiency or an error from Mother Nature. It is part of the complex body immune and defense mechanism. Nasal hair acts as the filter of dust, bacteria, dirt and other objects in the hair we breathe in. It also moisturizes the hair we breathein. These hairs shouldn’t be plucked our cut out completely due to the above reason. Only hair follicles that are visible and seems uncontrollable should be removed using the right tools to prevent hair damage or nose injuries. Some of the methods of cutting nasal hair are:

  1. Destroying the hair follicles by exposing them tolaser light beams.It is expensive and could have adverse effect on the mucous membranes inside the nasal cavity.
  2. Waxing –Plucking nasal hairs using wax is another method used to remove unwanted hairs from the nostrils. In most cases it is done in a saloon by a well trained and experienced hair groomer to maintain high levels of safety. The major downside of waxing as a nose hair trimming method is that it is extremely painful and more expensive. If you have the financial abilities and the heart to brave off the pain it is an effective solution to nasal hairs as the plucked hairs take longer to grow back.
  • Trimming The Nasal Hair – This is the safest, most affordable and most recommended method of dealing with nose hair. There are a wide variety of nose hair trimmers ranging from manual tools such as scissors and tweezers to high end state of art trimmers that are battery or electric powered. Nasal hair trimmers vary in terms of the blade type and how to use. It is therefore important to read the trimmer manual before you start the trimming process to avoid injuries and to enjoy the full potential of the selected tool.

Some Popular Nose Hair Trimmers

The best nose hair trimmer should slowly remove/shorten visible nasal hairs; it should also have rounded tips to forestall injuries to the skin and the dense blood vessels network inside the nose. There are many other features that you can consider when purchasing your nose grooming tool. Some of the basic nose hairs trimming tools include:

  • Round-edged Nasal Grooming scissors – This is a normal pair of scissors fitted with round edges to prevent minor injuries to the inner nose skin. The scissors may be also coated with carbon or silver making it less sensitive on the nose. You need to trim the nose hairs in front of a well lit mirror. The light allows you to see inside the nose while the mirror is important to help you move the scissors appropriately. Even with rounded edges, you should take extra care to avoid nose injury. The advantage of using scissor is that it is extremely cheap and easy to use. It also produces minimal noise while shaving.
  • Tweezers – Works more like waxing but in this case the trimmer uses a tong shaped tweezers to pluck hair strands. The method is also risky and very painful. Tweezers also produce little to no noise and are more affordable as well as easy to use.

You can also use more advanced nose hair trimmers with better features to make the nose grooming experience easy and faster. Most of the advanced trimmers are electric powered and vary in terms of the blade technology and many other special features. Depending on your needs and budget you can choose a tool with some or all of the following features:

  • Blade Type – The best blades are made of steel but coated with carbon or silver to reduce irritation especially on sensitive skins. Some trimmers come with replaceable and washable blades too.
  • Body Materials – In most cases the trimmer is made of plastic body by some high end trimmers are made of steel all over making them more durable.
  • Noise/ Vibration – You can also make a choice based on the amount of noise the nose hair trimmer produces when in use. Some also vibrate creating an uncomfortable tickling effect. Reading user reviews can help you when making your choice.
  • Other features –there are many other features such as water resistance, in-built LED torch and many others. It is good to understand your needs and skin sensitivity so as to choose a trimmer that will best serve you.

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