Valentine’s Day Revenge By Naming Cockroach After An Ex

by Hatice Degirmenci on

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and one organization is offering some hilarious Valentine’s Day revenge.

Hemsley Conservation Centre has announced an interesting service where people can have a cockroach named after an ex.

Sure, Valentine’s Day is the day of love, where people take extra time to show their significant other how they really feel. However, for some people it is a day to forget, especially if you have recently split up with someone.

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For these people (depending on how their relationship ended), some cold hard revenge may replace love hearts and cards.

Valentine's Day Revenge

How To Get Valentine’s Day Revenge With A Cockroach?

According to Hemsley Conservation Centre, the cockroach is the ideal animal for your ex. For just £1.50 (around $2), you can name on of the centre’s cockroaches after an ex. Of course, you could really name it after anyone, but the Centre is promoting this as some Valentine’s Day revenge.

Called the “Name a Cockroach Program”, the centre will send you a certificate showing you’ve adopted a cockroach. Furthermore, you will also be able to take a quiz to see how the creepy crawly compares to your ex.

Having Fun

Of course, this is all just a bit of fun and designed to raise money for funding projects at the zoo. This is the second year the program has been released.

Valentine's Day Revenge

“For those that don’t quite require revenge, there’s another way to make you feel better about getting back at your ex on Valentine’s Day.

“The HCC is offering the chance to name a cockroach in honor of your friend’s worthless ex-‘someone’ on this special holiday of love for just £1.50.”

What do you think of this plan? Do you have an ex you can think of who would be worthy of the cockroach treatment? Click here to take your Valentine’s Day revenge.

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