Valentines Day poems for Boyfriends

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It’s the way that you look at me It’s the way that you kiss my cheek It’s the amazing way I feel with you That keeps every day feeling new.

My Days And Nights Are Spent Thinking Of You My Dreams Have Come True Now That You Are In My Life – Happy Valentine’s Day.

Yes, I love my daddy so and I always let him know. We cuddle, laugh and play around so much fun that we have found. Reading books, I like to learn I like to learn I can’t wait until It’s my turn. Every  day Is filled with love, Just as bright as the sun above. I love my daddy I always tell him so. Happy valentine’s Day! Love, mary.

My dear valentine.. time stands still…when our arms entwine.. and your heart beats with mine! I’m so glad that you are mine! Happy Valentine’s Day.

It doesn’t matter where you go In life what you do or how much you have. It’s who you have beside you.. I’m so glad I have you!

Valentine’s Day. I love you with all my heart right from the very start our love grows stronger everyday with everything you do and say. Happy valentines Day our love Is here to stay.

 This Is for you on this special day you opened up my heart showed me the way I love you to bits more than words can say to my beautiful love happy valentines day.

Loving you, I smiled at the mirror and people thought I was crazy. You make my days brighter with your appearance and left behind your thoughts to remind your presence but, never could I be alone again as you blinded me completely In you come and love me as I do. Happy Valentines Day!.

I’m so happy you’re my boyfriend I l like to be with you valentine kisses.

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Valentines Day poems For Girlfriends

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