Vets Explain Their Fat Cat with Hilarious Messages

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Find out how these vets explain their fat cat to their clients.

One veterinary hospital has raised eyebrows because it seems to own a cat that is significantly overweight. Indeed, the feline is named Fat Fred and weighs in at over 12kg.

Fat Fred truly lives up to the term fat cat and calls a veterinary hospital his home. However, Fred has become something of a local celebrity and people have swamped the hospital with questions about him.

As a result, to stop the frequent questions, the vets have put up hilarious messages discussing Fat Fred.

Image: KneeAppallingTanIceCream

Vets Explain Fat Cat

According to The Mirror, the unidentified hospital answers questions about its chunky cat. One the window for the clinic, several signs can be found.

One reads, “This is Fat Fred. His is a boy and he is not pregnant. He weighs 28 pounds. Yes, he is on a diet. No, it is not working well.”

A second says: “Fred loves people. You may come in and pet him. He sits on small children and he loves being scratched near his hips.”

Finally, the last message reads: “Fat Fred is not up for adoption, but we do have smaller models available.”

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Fat Fred is known in the local area for lounging around and can often be seen through the glass door to the clinic during opening hours. Imgur user KneeAppallingTanIceCream broke the hilarious story and even got a photo of Fat Fred in action.

In an interview with Bored Panda, they said: “I just happened to look down and read the sign as I was passing by. I immediately walked to the window to see if Fred was there because, you know, who doesn’t want to see a 28lb cat?

“Unfortunately, the vet was closed that day so I could only watch Fred from the window. He was very playful even through the window.

To sum up, what do you guys think of Fat Fred and how the vets explain their fat cat?

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