Viral Swinging Man Sparks Internet Debate

by Luke Jones on

Can you tell which direction this viral swinging man is facing?

A new viral video is sweeping the internet and causing a debate. It’s simply enough, a man on a swing, but people are torn on which way he is actually swinging.

Firstly, appearing on TikTok the video went viral and was also posted to Twitter. On the social media platforms, a debate has raged.

Certainly, people are completely split on which way the made is facing. Is he facing the camera or the building when the video is filmed?

Viral Swinging Man

Interestingly, this is a brain trick. If you believe the viral swinging man is facing one way, concentrating on the video could confuse your brain into changing its mind.

Some deny this is the case and remain stubborn that they can easily tell which way the man is facing during the video.

One replied: “Um… I don’t see how this is a debate? It’s very apparent that he’s facing away from the camera. Not sure how this became a debate?”

Another claimed to have cracked the case: “He’s facing the camera. If he were facing the building and you look at the top pole it should be covered when he swings back, but it doesn’t which means the top pole is in front of him… aka he’s facing the camera. You’re welcome.”

Image: YouTube

Viral Video

Amazingly, since it was posted on TikTok the video has gone viral and was even covered on BBC Breakfast and other news shows.

It seems Christmas is the time for internet users to be confused. Last week, we reported on the Christmas elf puzzle that went viral online. In the puzzle, people had under one minute to be able to find Santa’s helper in an image.

Let us know below, which way to you think the viral swinging man is facing?

Written by: Luke Jones

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