Want to Enjoy College Life to the Max? Try These Hacks

by Neal Bricker on

There’s more to higher education than studying 24/7 and it’s really easy to enjoy college life. Even the best students find ways to make the four-year journey as enjoyable as possible. Of course, that doesn’t mean neglecting the books or spending every night out on the town.

But it is crucial to incorporate a certain amount of fun into an otherwise rigorous academic program. Nearly every college and university offer recreational outlets for those who spend their days in class and most evenings preparing for the next round of classes. 

If you want to receive a balanced education that includes a healthy dose of excitement and diversion alongside academic challenges, there are several excellent options. Every year thousands of college attendees decide to study abroad for a summer, semester, or full-year session.

Another strategy for minimizing stress is to apply for education loans as a way to remove worries about money. Additional effective ways to ramp up the fun factor of a serious four-year curriculum include:

  • Residing off-campus instead of in a dorm
  • Purchasing a used car to have more social independence
  • Joining a sorority or frat
  • Signing up for spring or winter break excursions to resort cities
  • Get a school Loan

Dealing with the financial obligations of a degree program upfront is a great way to remove money worries from the college experience. Not having to worry about where next semester’s tuition is coming from frees you up to focus on earning good grades and enjoying school life to the fullest.

Fortunately, prospective attendees can take out student loans to cover all related costs and expenses, like tuition, the price of textbooks, activity fees, dorm rent, meal plans, and more.

Study Abroad to Really Enjoy College Life

Nearly every educational institution offers summer, semester, and year-long abroad programs in a wide variety of subjects. No matter what you intend to major in, explore the overseas study options. Costs vary, but summer courses and one-semester options are surprisingly affordable.

Spending time in another country and culture can go a long way toward augmenting the overall benefits of a standard four-year degree program. Plus, even a few months of international study makes a great addition to any resume.

Live Off-Campus

Dormitories can be convenient and living in a college dorm is a worthwhile way to reside on-campus but choosing to live off-campus can be a real adventure. The biggest fun factor to living in a rental house or apartment is personal independence.

It’s a wonderful way to get a taste of what life will be like immediately after graduation when you land that first job and live on your own. Plus, by avoiding the dorm arrangement, you get a chance to meet people who are not in school and make connections with city residents of all ages and backgrounds.

Go on Spring and Winter Breaks

Whether or not you decide to join a frat or sorority, be sure to sign up for spring and winter break trips to exciting destinations. Of course, the trips have a long reputation as being fun in the sun and party time at the beach, but for many college-age, they’re a rite of passage.

Breaks for oceanside events or skiing are relatively inexpensive, make lifetime memories, and are an excellent way to expand your friendship circle among classmates. Just be careful not to overdo it with alcohol or get into legal trouble. Nothing spoils a fun break week like legal trouble.

Get a Car

Having a car is another effective way to boost your social potential while in school. Mobility means dating, going on road trips, and running errands whenever you want. New or used, whatever you can afford, cars come in handy in dozens of unexpected ways while you’re in the process of earning a degree.

If you study out of state, remember to get a fresh driver’s license and enough insurance coverage to meet local requirements. Set aside enough money for gas and regular maintenance to keep the car fueled up and ready to drive anytime you need it. Enjoy college life, but be certain to do it as a responsible car owner!

Written by: Neal Bricker

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