Watch as Pig Steals the Spotlight During Live Broadcast

by Luke Jones on

It’s not often a pig steals the spotlight on live television. In fact, it’s never happened before, but one Greek piggy clearly wants to be a star!

So, how did this “pig” news happen?

During a live broadcast in which ANT1 outside reporter Lazos Mantikos was giving a report, a large speckled sow wanted to be on camera. While Mantikos tried to keep professional as he discussed devastation brought to the town of Kineta by heavy storms, the pig had other ideas.

The animal took a liking to Mantikos and was not camera shy at all!

During the segment, the pig steals the spotlight repeatedly. Clearly in love with the limelight, the sow chases Mantikos, grunts at him, sequels, and generally runs around in circles.

Pig Steals the Spotlight

The incident took place during the popular Greek show “Good Morning Greece”. Anchor Giorgos Papadakis introduced Mantikos for what was supposed to be a serious report. Kineta was struck by heavy rain on Monday and the beach town was devastated by the weather.

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However, the report took a comedic turn from the first moment.

“Good morning, we have an issue,” a panicking Mantikos said as he appeared on camera. “Giorgos, can you hear me? We have a pig here that has been chasing us since the morning… Sorry guys, I can’t stand because it’s biting me.”

Comedic Moment

In the studio, the Good Morning Greece presenting team found the funny side, with Papadakis doubling over with laughter. He joked that Mantikos should have some time to sort out the situation.

“Try to repair your relationship. I’ll leave you to repair,” Papadakis said, moments before the loved up big chased the reporter out of the picture. Luckily, Mantikos saw the funny side and was even sharing a number of reports about his hog-wild story on Twitter.

How would you have reacted in this situation?

Written by: Luke Jones

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