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Zac-Efron quotes (1)

Zac: 3 things to take to a deserted Island?  Zac : A lover, a bed & a plane so I can leave If I get bored.

Zac-Efron quotes (1)

When people point out your weaknesses, that’s just another opportunity for you to rise above.

Zac-Efron quotes (1)

….When you’re young, everything feels like the end of the world. It’s just the beginning.

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I think it’s fine for girls to ask boys out. I actually prefer it. – Zac Efron 

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I’m a guy, but I’m not afraid to cry. Not all of the time. But when I’m watching a movie, I’ll sometimes shed a tear, especially ‘Moulin Rouge. – Zac Efron 

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I connect with people on a daily basis – Zac efron.

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I: would you call yourself a huge high school musical fan? No

Zac-Efron quotes (3)

You do not really know how pretty a girl is until you’ve met her, all the beauty lays in the personality. – Zac Efron.

Zac-Efron quotes (3)

Wanting to marry a cute boy like – Zac efron.

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You can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react to it.

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I got made fun of constantly in high school. That’s what built my character. That’s what makes you who you are. When you get made fun of, when people make fun of your weaknesses, that’s just another opportunity for you to rise above.”
-Zac Efron 

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You can’t describe the feeling of being in love – when you meet someone who makes you a better person -Zac Efron.

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Honesty if the worst these people can say about me is that I’m gay, then I think I’ll be fine. I can handle It – Zac Efron.

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You might have to meet a few more jerks one day, you’re gonna meet a boy who treats you the way you deserve to be treated. -Zac Efron.

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I let her go for now but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love her anymore. We’re just thinking of what might happen maybe tomorrow, someday, in the time that we both don’t expect. We’ll just meet and maybe, just maybe, it would be our time again. -Zac Efron

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I don’t know if I believe in love at first sight, but of course I believe in two people having chemistry right away. A girl should be really easy to talk to. When I lose track of time because we’ve been talking, I think that’s really fun. -Zac Efron

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High school musical has been a blessing and a gift. -Zac Efron


Zac-Efron quotes (13)

You hope that love Is destiny. -Zac Efron

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You always have to remember that bullies want to bring you down because you have something that they admire -Zac Efron

Zac-Efron quotes (15)

Don’t worry just dream.

Zac-Efron quotes (16)

When you’re young everything feels like the end of the world. But it’s not; it’s just the beginning. -Zac Efron

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I think the most Important thing for me In a relationship is honesty. -Zac Efron

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A girl can tell I like her when I blush or start telling bad jokes. – Zac Efron

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I grew up being into sports and I wasn’t trained to move my body in the right way for dancing. I’m the last one to get any moves correct. In rehearsals it’s always, ‘OK, one more take for Zac. – Zac Efron

Zac-Efron quotes (20)

Do you know how it feels to let go of someone you really love for a long time, just for them to be happy. – Zac Efron

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I wore goofy hats to school and did musical theater. Most people thought I was a dork. But if you have a sense of humor about it, no one can bring you down. – Zac Efron

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Great advice comes from people that have been around a lot longer than you. – Zac Efron

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